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Wiley Handbook of Applied Superconductivity

This site contains information for the different authors of the Wiley Handbook of Applied Superconductivity. Most of the content is restricted to the authors. Please contact the editor for the access code. 


Table of content

(Paul Seidel, Editor) 
1. Fundamentals  
1.1 Superconductivity  
1.1.1 Basic Properties and Parameters of Superconductors (Reinhold Kleiner)
1.1.2 Review on Superconducting Materials (Roland Hott, Reinhold Kleiner, Thomas Wolf, Gertrud Zwicknagel) 
1.2 Main Related Effects  
1.2.1 Proximity Effect   (Mikhail Belogolovskii)
1.2.2 Tunneling and Superconductivity
(Steven Ruggiero)
1.2.3 Flux Pinning
(Stuart Wimbush)
1.2.4 AC Losses and Numerical Modelling of Superconductors (Francesco Grilli, Frederic Sirois) 
2. Superconducting Materials  
2.1 Low Temperature Superconductors  
2.1.1 Metals and Alloys  (Helmut Krauth, Klaus Schlenga)
2.1.2 Magnesiumdiborid (Davide Nardelli, Ilaria Pallecchi, Matteo Tropeano)
2.2 High Temperature Superconductors 
2.2.1 Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors (Roland Hott, Thomas Wolf)
2.2.2 Iron-based Superconductors (Ilaria Pallecchi, Marina Putti) 
3. Technology, Preperation and Characterization  
3.1 Bulk Materials   
3.1.1 Preparation of bulk and textured Superconductors  (Frank N. Werfel)
3.1.2 Preparation of Single Crystals (Andreas Erb)
3.1.3 Properties of Bulk Materials (Günter Fuchs, Gernot Krabbes, W.-R. Canders)
3.2 Thin Films and Multilayers   
3.2.1 Thin Film Deposition (Roger Wördenweber)
3.3 Josephson Junctions and Circuits   
3.3.1 LTS Josephson Junctions (Hans-Georg Meyer, Ludwig Fritzsch, Solveig Anders, Matthias Schmelz, Jürgen Kunert, Gregor Oelsner)
3.3.2 HTS Josephson Junctions (Keiichi Tanabe)
3.4 Wires and Tapes   
3.4.1 Powder-in-tube Superconducting Wires (Tengming Shen, Jianyi Jiang, Eric Hellstrom)
3.4.2 YBCO Coated Conductors (Mariappan Parans Paranthaman, Tolga Aytug, Liliana Stan, Quanxi Jia, Claudia Cantoni))
3.5 Cooling  
3.5.1 Fluid Cooling (Luca Bottura, Cesar Luongo)
3.5.2 Cryocoolers (Gunter Kaiser, Gunar Schröder)
3.5.3 Cryogen-free Cooling Systems (Gunter Kaiser, Andreas Kader)
4. Superconducting Magnets   
4.1 Bulk Superconducting Magnets for Bearings and Levitation  (John R. Hull)
4.2 Fundamentals of Superconducting Electromagnets  (Martin N.Wilson) 
4.3 Magnets for Particle Accelerators and Storage Rings  (Lucio Rossi, Luca Bottura) 
4.4 Superconducting Detectors Magnets for particle physics
(Michael Green) 
4.5 Magnets for NMR and MRI (Yukikazu Iwasa, Seungyong Hahn)
4.6 Superconducting Magnets for Fusion (Jean-Luc Duchateau)
4.7 Magnets for Separation, Crystal Growth and Inductive Melting (Swarn Kalsi)
4.8 Levitation: Maglev and Transport (John R. Hull) 

Power Applications

5.1 Superconducting Cables  (Werner Prusseit, Robert Bach, Joachim Bock) 
5.2 Practical design of Current Leads  (Jonathan A. Demko) 
5.3 Fault Current Limiters (Swarn Kalsi)
5.4 Transformers (Antonio Morandi) 
5.5 Energy Storage (SMES and Flywheels) (Antonio Morandi)
5.6 Rotating Machines (Motors and Generators) (Swarn Kalsi)
5.7 Superconductivity in Smart Grids (Nouredine Hadjsaid, Pascal Tixador, Jean-Claude Sabonadiere, C. Candioli, M.-C. Alvarez-Herault)
6. Superconductive Passive Devices  
6.1 Microwave Components (Filters, Antennas, Delay Lines) (Neeraj Khare) 
6.2 Cavities for Accelerators (Sergey Belomestnykh,Hasan S. Padamsee) 
6.3 SuperconductingPick-up Coils (Audrius Brazdeikis, Jarek Wosik) 
6.4 Magnetic Shields (James Claycomb)
7. Applications in Quantum Metrology  
7.1 Quantum Standards for Voltage  (Johannes Kohlmann) 
7.2 Single Cooper pair circuits and Quantum Metrolosy
(Alexander B. Zorin) 
8. Superconducting Radiation and Particle Detectors  
8.1 Radiation and Particle Detectors
(Claus Grupen)
8.2 Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometers and Transition Edge Sensors
(Roberto Christiano, Giovanni Pepe, Flavio Gatti) 
8.3 Mixers (Doris Maier)
8.4 Superconducting Photon Detectors (Michael Siegel)
8.5 Applications at Different Frequencies (THz)  (Masayoshi Tonouchi)
8.6 Detector Readout
(Thomas Ortlepp) 
9. SQUIDs  
9.1 Indroduction
(Robert Fegaly)
9.2 Types of SQUIDs (Robert Fagaly) 
9.3 Magnetic Field Sensing with SQUID Devices   
9.3.1 SQUIDs in Laboratory Applications  (Robert Fagaly) 
9.3.2 SQUIDs in NDE (Hans-Joachim Krause, Michael Mück, Saburo Tanaka)
9.3.3 SQUIDs in Biomagnetism
(Hannes Nowak)
9.2.4 SQUIDs in Geophysics   (Ronny Stolz) 
9.2.5 SQUID Microscopes (John Kirtley) 
9.3 SQUID Thermometer  (Thomas Schurig, Jörn Beyer) 
9.4 SQUID Amplifier (Michael Mück, Robert McDermott)
9.5 Cryogenic Current Comparator  (Wolfgang Vodel, Rene Geithner, Paul Seidel) 
10. Superconductor Digital Electronics  
10.1 Logic Circuits   (John Przybysz, Donald Miller)
10.2 Mixed Signal Circuits
(Hannes Töpfer) 
10.3 Digital Processing (Oleg Mukhanov) 
10.4 Quantum Computing (Jürgen Lisenfeld) 
10.5 Advanced superconducting circuits and devices
(Martin Weides, Hannes Rotzinger)
10.6 Digital SQUIDs  (Pascal Febvre) 
11. Other Applications  
11.1 Josephson Arrays as Radiation Sources (incl. Josphson Laser) (Huabing Wang) 
11.2 Tunable Microwave Devices   (Neeraj Khare) 
12. Summary and Outlook (Herbert Freyhardt) 


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